"ORIMI UKRAINE" is a steadily developing producer of tea and coffee in Ukraine, whose brands have long managed to win the hearts of many Ukrainians and continue to do this.

Tea - Orimi

Green, black tea
«Greenfield» - is a unique variety of green and black plantation tea sorts and an exclusive collection of herbal teas. «Greenfield» tea is cultivated on protected areas located far from civilization. The secret of tea leaf processing which is preserved for generations and unique natural conditions create decent taste of «Greenfield» plantation tea. There are no similar sorts in «Greenfield» collection - each has an individual and unmatched taste and aroma.
Green, black tea
In the collection of tea «Tess» the superior tea leaves are harmoniously combined with exquisitely selected natural ingredients, giving the new meaning to the traditional tea taste.
Princess Gita
Green, black tea
Good spirits and perfect mood accompany the one who starts his day with a cup of Indian tea "Princess Gita". The dark color of the infusion and the excellent astringent taste are combined in tea "Princess Gita" with a distinct tonic effect.
Princess Kandy
Green, black tea
“Princess Kandy” is a black tea cultivated on the submontane and flat landscape plantations which differs with pleasant aroma, astringent shade of flavor and bright rich infusion color.
Princess Noori
Green, black tea
The soft harmonious taste and a pleasant fresh scent – that’s what the lovers of tea are waiting for. The perfect embodiment of these expectations is tea "Princess Noori". All varieties of tea united in the brand are created with consideration for consumer tastes and preferences. The brand "Princess Noori" has multiple assortment directions - Selected, Alpine, Best.
Princess Java
Green, black tea
«Princess Java» is beauty and health in every cup! A real treasure of nature for everyone who cares about his health.

«ORIMI UKRAINE» can safely be called the largest producer of tea and organic coffee in Ukraine since 1996. The company’s activities in the market began with the implementation of tea “Princess Kandy”. Today the tea assortment of the company is already presented by such trademarks as: “Princess Noori”, “Princess Java”, “Princess Kandy”, “Princess Gita”.

“ORIMI UKRAINE” is an exclusive representative of such premium tea brands like «Greenfield» and «TESS». We use only the best raw materials to get the highest quality products. The geography of tea supplies includes Ceylon, India, China, Indonesia, Kenya and Vietnam.

In 2014 the company launches the newest production facilities for tea packaging in Kiev region, Trebukhov village, and in 2016 launches a line of organic coffee roasting and production, which allows us to confidently move such brands as “Jockey”, “Jardin” and “Piazza del Caffe” on the national market. “ORIMI Ukraine” uses coffee beans in production from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The trademarks of the company represent the whole variety of tea and coffee, starting from democratic varieties to elite ones, which, in fact, is a rare thing for a wide market.

Every third cup of tea is a product of